Why do you shape your dress to fit? Sounds odd, right?

It could be for you, but I ask because people have a thousand different reasons they shape theirs. For some, it is about how they fit into the perception expected from them by others, but for others, it is purely based on how they feel.

So, do you shape yours to fit the way you would want to be seen or how you want people to see you?

Just as it applies to your dress, it applies to your state of mind too. You can decide to shape your mind towards the output people want to see, or the output you want them to see, and it all boils down to the power of decision-making.

The decision you make should be driven by the goal you intend to achieve in life, and for you to make the right one, you need to first have a well-defined goal, and it is upon focusing on this goal that you stand a chance of making the right decisions that will help him get to his destination.

A man who does not have a goal in life can be easily tossed wherever because he doesn’t know where he is heading. Everything presented to him by people automatically becomes right, and the consequences thereafter shape his mind and life forever.

It is a disaster for a man to be on earth without any goal to achieve; such men take life just as it comes, do not have a basis for the decision he makes, and allow things to happen anyhow without seeing a definite end to it.

In making decisions that will help actualize your goal, you need to feed your mind with content that will help inform your decision; and these come through

  • Reading books.
  • Studying the life of others who have characteristics you can draw from.
  • Acquiring skills, and
  • Get yourself a mentor among many others.


A quick one before we proceed, have you set goals? And are your goals feasible and realistic? It is important that they are; note that everybody can set goals but not everybody can set realistic ones, therefore, ensure the goals you set are realistic.

Now that you are sure you have set clearly defined goals, it’s time to focus.

There’s a saying that “life is not a bed of roses” this is to say that there will be ups and downs. Even if it may seem as though things are working against your odds and all you intend to achieve does not seem achievable, you should not distract yourself as those obstacles are to make you stronger.

The outcome of a man who has a clear goal and is threading on the path of actualizing it is eventually going to be great. But, a man without one will have a terrible end because what drives him is in people’s opinion and their conclusion about him.

When you allow people’s opinion of you to be your drive, then you cannot go far because people change; so do their expectations. The more often you try to please people and base the decision you make for your life on their opinion or what they want to see, our minds become worn out and tired of the change.

So, from this point onward, focus on your goal, don’t allow your mind to go through the stress of adjusting from time to time. If you have been before now, It is not too late to be focused. It’s never too late to pick yourself up and make that decision to live your life with a sense of direction, by so doing you can get the best of life you desire.

For how long will you continually cope with the change and keep up to the shape people want to see? My advice therefore as we conclude is, to find your ground, have a goal you intend to achieve, and shape yourself by making the right decisions that will help you achieve your goal.



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